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Joni Michelle Grommesh Reel


Stranded was writtend and directed by Ian Aric. The film stars Zoe Dean and Joni Michelle Grommesh. It premiered at the Golden State Film Festival in February of 2024



Directed by Nemuna Ceesay 
    Stage Managed by Olivia Mancini 
Produced at Atlantic Stage 2

I remember being in Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman when I was a senior in high school. I played Scientist, Narrator One in Orpheus and Eurydice, Maid to Myrrha, and multiple narrators in Baucis and Philemon. When I discovered I would get the opportunity to be in this beautiful production again, in my final year at Atlantic, I was profoundly overjoyed. "Huh, life truly comes full-circle" I thought to myself. I remembered how in high school my heart was set on Alcyone, but as things had turned out, then was not my time to embody her. Being given the opportunity to embody her at Atlantic, filled me with nostalgia, happiness, and pride that I could turn back to my high school self and tell her "keep working hard, one day, after training, working hard, and giving your heart to the art of acting, your time as Queen Alcyone will come." To play her all these years later, with people who inspire me, really proved to me that patience is key to living.  Patience and of course, keeping your heart open to opportunity, learning, and care. My road to get to this point has not always been easy. Nevertheless, I continued to be inspired my the life around me. The places. The people. The Work. And to remind myself to...

Be inspired by the dreams, goals, and accomplishments I have and have created with myself, both outwardly and inwardly. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 7.33.41 PM.png

Everything Here Is So Delicious

Directed by Mahima Saigal

       Stage Managed by Mahima Saigal

          Produced at Atlantic Acting School

Originating the role of Jocasta from Everything Here Is So Delicious by David Hilder was a blast! I got to work with two of the funniest people in this industry, Charlie Lockwood and James Overton, in this three person one-act about two rich people eating babies...yes you heard that right. It was one of my first opportunities to perform in a comedy in front of an audience in a long while and I felt truly in my element. From the collaborative process with Mahima, Charlie, and James, to discovering the physical, vocal, and materialistic mannerisms of Jocasta, to just being able to share a laugh and give a laugh. The space of comedy within the space of acting, is one of, if not my favorite, spaces to be. In a lot of my darkest times I have found that, as cheesy as it is, laughter is the best medicine. Being in this rehearsal room and on the stage with this show mended parts of my soul I did not know needed to be mended. In addition to performance, I was highly involved in the costuming of this show, having to sew my own special pair of baby eating pants. If you want to know the details...

I shoved cotton candy in a very secret pouch down my pants in a swirl of sugary-orgasmic joy. 

Rabbit Hole

IMG_4113 2.jpg

During my 2nd year at Atlantic Acting School, I had the privilege of directing and starring in a 30 minute production of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire for the AAS Through Line Festival. Above is a scene preview for the production: Act One, Scene Four, (featuring Anand Tripathi as Howie). 


Earth to Venus

This December I had the honor of assistant directing and stage managing a workshop of Earth to Venus a piece devised by Rachel Collignon. Two days before the workshop opened to the public our actress who plays the role of Ira caught Covid and I had to step in to understudy for her. 

It was my very first time performing as an understudy and with only 48 hours to memorize the role, I was scared! But having been in the rehearsal room with all our amazing actresses, our director Rachel, and our crew captain, Christine Treuhold, I knew I was in a safe and encouraging space! Their encouragment and commitment made it easy for me to transition from creative team to actress! It was such a joy to perform as Ira and we are hoping to continue to take Earth to Venus to new heights soon!


Joni Michelle Grommesh's Scene Studies

Scenes from Elf, Umbrella Academy, and Schitt's Creek from my scene study class with Todd Thaler. 

Enjoy a range of characters from the bubbly and clueless Buddy the elf to the angsty and tiredly quick-witted Five. 

Original Work


A Short Film by Joni Michelle Grommesh

A short film I created, alongside my friend Aaliyah-Dru Rivera, about the unseen symptoms of anxiety and how to win against the racing thoughts inside your mind.


Ever since 2018, perhaps maybe before, this feeling depicted above has taken me over. The inability to calm your thoughts. To stop the gears in your head from turning. When on everyone sees clear waters but you see the storm ahead. The latter half of 2019 through all of 2020 was the most difficult battle I have ever faced with my mental health. I was sick to the point of no return everyday. In July the waters started to clear but it was the eye of the storm. Then the latter half brought new storms way into our now beautifully present 2021. Then around June / July 2021 (what is it about July) where the waters began to clear and this time it seems like they’re staying clear. I have not felt this health in a very long time. This is the longest streak I’ve had and I am proud to say in 2022, though there have been falters, I still feel stronger than I have for a long time. While the waters have been rough, I have never grown more in my entire life. And I am thankful for what these past three years have brought me. Because while the waters were rough, I am grateful to have amazing sailors by my side. Near and far. Sailors who will share the good times with you when the seas are clear and who will remind you that they will come again when the seas get rough. I owe them the universe.


To those who feel this way in your head sometimes, you are not crazy, and you are not alone. I got you.



A Silent Short Film Conceptualized by Rose Callaghan, Joni Michelle Grommesh, Charlie Lockwood, Helen Owolabi, Sammy Overton

Four Strangers. Four Notes. Four Clues.

No Foresight to the Dangers Ahead.

Is it Paranormal? Is it Aliens? Or is it Something Inbetween? 

Voice Over

Voice Over

Voiceover samples recorded at "The Cutting Room" in NYC with Steve Tardio and Sloan Welsch.

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