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Set Design

Little Women

Set Design

I had the honor of starting my set design career by being the lead set designer for Root 22 Collective's debut show Little Women. My set design philosophy for this production was that it should not only highlight the magic of the story but also the magic of our unique cast, crew, and community as a collective to make the play uniquely ours. Leaving the audience with a grander sense of light, love, and perspective that they will never forget came from deep within the heart of the Root 22 Collective.


By Kate Hamill 

Adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott

Directed by Rose Callaghan 

Produced by Root 22 Collective at Atlantic Stage 2 



Human Beings

A Novel in Progress by Joni Michelle Grommesh

A fantasy novel about a family of four royal siblings, recently orphaned. After the passing of their father, they awaken to a country they no longer recognize. Filled with creatures determined to bring darkness to their sunflower filled lands. Unprepared, unsettled, and unfamiliar with one another, the four siblings must put their differences aside to save their people and their hearts, riddled with the trauma of deception. 

"To my young king,

May this book be helpful to you if dark days ever come. These stories are for the King’s eyes only. Read them with your mind, protect them with your heart, and if they ever do come, fight them with your strength. 

King Jaspar"

Stuck in Emeralds Cover.png

Stuck in Emeralds

A Short Story by Joni Michelle Grommesh

A fantasy-mystery about a young woman experiencing the loss of her childhood best friend, a video game. Convinced that her lost friend is out in the world, she is consumed by madness and the unwillingness to process her childhood, she will stop at nothing to retrieve her. 

"Suddenly, it clicks in my mind that perhaps this chaotically dressed odd ball is right. I feel my heart start to burn and I see a sparkling flurry of flames start to lift out of my chest and it begins speaking the strangest noise. It is canary-like, a fluttering beep, but there’s something else, I hear an echo of static within it, the way I imagine a circuit board would speak. I smile to myself, a type of smile I haven’t had since I lost you. Is it you? Did you send this woman?"


A beautiful new work by Rachel Collignon about what it means to be a woman trapped in the exhausting web of being perceived by society, those around us, and our own selves. A story of a psychiatric nurse struggling with the pressure of an estranged familiar relationship and love for helping women in a world of pressurized perception, a journalist awaking to what it could mean to truly make an impact on this world for herself and others, 

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-06 at 3.31.42 PM (1).jpeg

an environmentalist sacrificing the most precious parts of herself to make a difference, a director at her breaking point striving to find inspiration in her mind again, a psychiatric patient fighting her thoughts and herself over her yearn for connection, and another ethereal woman striving to be heard. Who are women when we are perceived? Who are we when we are not? And where do our true selves lie?

Assistant Directing & Stage Managing

Earth To Venus

Devised by Rachel Collignon 
AD/SM by Joni Michelle Grommesh

Graphic Design

Graphic Design


In addition to being the lead set designer for Little Women, I also had the opportunity to design the poster/playbill cover for the production and dip my toe for the first time into graphic design. I started with many concept drawings until eventually I landed on this. Sammy Overton and Christine Treuhold, who had prior experience digitizing art and graphic design work, helped me in the steps from page to poster. 

1st Concept Drawing


2nd Concept Drawing

3rd Concept Drawing

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